Variovac – Central vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaning becomes a passion

Variovac-LogoIn the past decade VARIOVAC central vacuum cleaners have proven themselves over and over again in situations where thorough cleanups have been needed. Starting with our mini-models intended for small apartments and mobile facilities, through all residential and small businesses up to hotel, commercial and industrial facilities, we have provided all our customers with the best central vacuum systems. All our systems offer unbeatable advantages starting from the vacuum (suction) power, low-noise pollution, user friendly, extremely comfortable to use and of course our high-quality workmanship that you can see and feel. In addition we offer four different equipment variations starting from our standard to our VIP model that cover all our customer’s needs and wants. Let yourself be inspired!



Start the powerful system in a very simple way with the ON/OF switch located on the handle.

Dust and dirt will be efficiently transported by vacuum via the antistatic pipe system directly to the central vacuum cleaner.

The dust is then collected and filtered. The VARIOVAC system allows you to clan rapidly and thoroughly without having to pull and push an old fashioned vacuum cleaner. VARIOVAC central vacuum cleaners also eliminate motor noise and clouds of dust!

Quiet as a whisper

The VARIOVAC central vacuum cleaner operates at less than 60 dB and is one of the quietest central vacuum cleaners. The vacuum sound will no longer bother anyone because now it is whisper-quiet. You can still hear the doorbell and telephone even when you’re vacuum cleaning.

Variovac – Kraftvoll
Variovac – Flüsterleise


Variovac individual

VARIOVAC central vacuum cleaners impress with their particularly high-quality workmanship. “Made in Germany” with the use of the best materials and continuous monitoring of production makes this extraordinary standard possible.
Constant quality and safety are guaranteed.

With a VARIOVAC central vacuum cleaner you take the decision for 20 years of experience with innovative ideas of a continuing further development of the products. Our young team reaches out to fulfil your needs and requirements by very high quality standards “made in Germany”. The VARIOVAC’s manufacturing motto is: With precision and passion for detail.

Variovac – individuell


Variovac – LeistungsfaehigThis very efficient system can be installed in your home in a very short time – whether your house is being built, renovated, or already occupied. Why would you want to do without a VARIOVAC central vacuum cleaner any longer? We have the right model appropriately suiting your home – at a convincing price.