Easy-Line – Laundry Chute

Confortable and Convenient

Easy-Line-LogoYou will love the convenience of our Easy-line laundry chute systems. Easy-line allows you to directly transfer and collect dirty laundry with ease. Carrying heavy laundry baskets downstairs to your washing machine is a thing of the past! Save time and energy with Easy-line laundry chute systems.


Discover the possibilities

Enjoy a clean and comfortable Household with the help of Easy-Line.

The easiest way to bring dirty laundry to your wash ­machine is through a Easy-Line system. Just toss your laundry into the laundry chute door. It will make its way directly to your laundry basket next to your wash machine in a flash!

Who wants to collect and carry dirty laundry around their house? Make your life „easy” with Easy-Line.

Easy-Line Wäscheschachtabwurf


Smart closures

We offer child safety laundry chute doors! All doors have an adjustable spring to adjust the tension to give small ­children no chance to open them on their own. We also install locks on our laundry chute doors upon request.

The Easy-Line laundry chute system are a well thought out, pluggable pipe ­system that ­requires no maintenance after ­installation.

Dirty laundry piles are a thing of the past thanks to our Easy-Line laundry chute system. Forget about carrying heavy laundry baskets to your laundry room or having to bend over to pick up ­scattered laundry across the house. Easy-Line eliminates these types of ­chores.

The comfort and simplicity of Easy-Line systems will cover any doubt you may have. Your family members will appreciate this amazing ­product – a life time, daily!


Easy-Line laundry chute highlights at first glance

  • Seamless laser welded stainless steel system, DIN 1.4301 quality, ­glass bed ­blasted, ­or high gloss polished.
  • Integraded child safety feature
  • Made in Germany
  • Pipe connections with tension locks to ­prevent twisting, turning and sliding
  • Airproof system to prevent heat loss
  • No sharp edges for laundry to get caught on
  • Lockable laundry chute doors with an airtight system to prevent ­sound propagation
  • RAL 9003 powder-coated or stainless steel brushed finish
  • No static charge as by a plastic pipe system
  • Easy installation